5 tips for towing trailers, boats and campers

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 20,000 people require medical attention every year because of crashes involving trailers towed by passenger vehicles. These recreational outings don’t need to go sideways — nor does whatever you may be towing. Here’s a safety checklist to ensure you are towing trailers, boats and campers the right way: Feel the (tire) pressure: An often-forgotten element on the trailer towing checklist is making sure the trailer’s tire pressure is at the right level. In addition, inspect tires for wear or trauma — and be sure to have a spare. Get hitched: A starting point to towing is knowing the pulling capacity of your vehicle, as too much weight can cause a load of problems, no matter how much power your engine has. On the towing vehicle, avoid using a ball mount and hitch that is rusted, cracked, corroded or poorly designed — anything that can compromise its integrity. 5 tips for towing trailers, boats and campers

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We loved these useful tips about hauling trailers, boats, and campers safely.

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